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Quality Environment

Our engagement towards Quality is expressed by our "Politica della qualità" (Quality Policy) and summarised by the acronym COMMIT:



Our Customers are Gomet's real asset: to listen to their requests, to anticipate their needs, and to be open minded to their initiatives is our first duty.



The scrupolous Observation  of law and regulations that govern our modus operandi and our products' reliability and safety is a core value to us. 


Our Methods and processes, that are effective, efficient and safe for both our employees and the environment, make us deliver flawless products. 


We Move on day by day and continuously improve our workflow to keep pace with the permanent changes in our market. 


We show Initiatives to foster new ideas and lifelong learning to improve our employees' skills and professional competencies.


Tutor necessary to keep up with our constantly evolving business environment is our Quality Management System that we continuously develop and improve.



What can we do with  178.000 kWh?

Huntsman Gomet undertakes to minimize the impact on the environment, by decreasing both emissions and waste in every process.

1.411 panels constitute our photovoltaic plant, covering the roofs of our central building. In 2017 they generated more than 178.000 kWh of electric energy.

The generated energy allowed to decrease by 90 tons the emissions of CO2, minimizing the level of Huntsman Gomet’s carbon footprint.

What do we use that energy for? Our photovoltaic plant can generate enough energy to produce more than 850.000 CV joint boots.

0 kWh


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