Our history

For over 40 years, Huntsman Gomet has been working as a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for the automotive aftermarket.

Established in 1975 by the couple Mrs. Giuseppina Benzi and Mr. Edoardo Pulici, Huntsman GOMET  has been operating for nearly 45 years as a leader in the field of  automotive spare parts aftermarket .

The company was acquired in 2014 by the Huntsman Group and in 2017 it became Huntsman Gomet S.r.l.

Huntsman GOMET has three main product lines:

  • CV-boots & CV-boot kits;
  • Steering gaiters and kits thereof;
  • Dust covers, bounce bumpers and their combination: Shock Absorber Service Kits.

Huntsman GOMET is located in Azeglio, in the Canavese area of Italy's Piedmont region (50 km to Turin / 100 to Milan). Its 77 employees manufacture, assemble, and distribute around 10 Mio. spare parts and 5 Mio. kits per year. 2,582 moulds allow Huntsman Gomet to quickly satisfy the request for European, Corean and Japanese vehicles.  


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