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Extended information notice on the use of cookies

Huntsman GOMET S.r.l. ("GOMET" or the "Company"), with registered office in StardaTomboleto 12, 10010 Azeglio (TO), Italy, a member of the Huntsman Group and operator of the website"Website") provides you with the following information on our Website’s use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the terminal you use to access to the Internet(usually your browser) by the websites you visit. Cookies are stored in your computer to berecognised by those websites on your subsequent visits.

Cookies cannot be used to retrieve other data from your hard disk, transmit computer viruses oridentify and use e-mail addresses. Each cookie is unique to each browser and device you use toaccess our Website.

Cookies can be installed by the operator of the website you are visiting ("first-party cookies") orby other websites ("third-party cookies").

Cookies can be permanently stored in your device until they expire or until you delete them("permanent cookies"), or they can be automatically eliminated when you abandon the websiteor when you close your browser ("session cookies").

Cookies are used for several purposes: to ensure the correct functioning of the Website and offeran improved and more efficient browsing experience.

Types of cookies

1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are cookies used exclusively to transmit a communication on an electroniccommunication network, or insofar as they are strictly necessary to provide a service expressly required by you.

These cookies grant a smooth navigation and use of the Website and allow you to browse withcertain pre-determined settings (e.g. preferred language, products on your chart) in order toimprove our service.

These cookies include analytical cookies, which are sometimes directly used by the website’soperator to collect anonymous and aggregate information on visitors and on how visitors use thewebsite for statistical purposes.

Your prior consent is not necessary for the use of these cookies.

2. Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies create user profiles and are used to send advertisements in line with thepreferences shown by the user while browsing the web.

Our Website does not use profiling cookies.

Cookies used on our Website

The cookies used on our Website are listed in the following tables:








Technical cookies


They are only used to ensure that our Website functions properly and to improve our service, allowing easier browsing based on a set of criteria selected by the visitor (e.g. language, country and/or products selected for purchase). They are removed when the browser is closed.









Google Analytics


They are used toanonymously monitor how the visitor uses theWebsite for statisticalpurposes, allowing GOMET to optimise how theWebsite works and offer a better browsingexperience.

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Management of cookie preferences

You may change and manage your cookie preferences either through our Website or your browser’s settings:

a. through our Website

You may disable third-party cookies through the opt-out links indicated in the section above.

b. through your browser’s settings

If you wish to block or delete the cookies received from our Website or any other website,you can do so by changing your browser’s settings.You can find below the links to the instructions of the following browsers:

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