CV - boots & CV - boot kits for homocinetic joints

Steering gaiters

Steering gaiters and kits thereof


Dust covers, bounce bumpers and their combination: Shock Absorber Service Kits


Huntsman GOMET offers three main product lines: 

CV-boots & CV-boot kits
Steering gaiters and kits thereof
Dust covers, bounce bumpers and Shock Absorber Service Kits (“SASK”)



Huntsman GOMET is located in Azeglio, a municipality in the northern part of Italy’s Piedmont region.

It was founded in 1975 and has become a leading producer of spare parts in rubber, TPE and polyurethane for the automotive aftermarket.

Huntsman GOMET undertakes to minimize the impact on the environment, by decreasig both emissions and waste in every process.

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Huntsman GOMET is certified ISO 9001:2015


Our photovoltaic power plant comprises 1,411 panels which cover the roofs of our central buildings. In 2019 it has generated more than 119,495 kWh of electrical energy.

Huntsman GOMET is certified ISO 14001:2015

CV Joint Boots

The main function of a CV joint boot (a.k.a. CV-boot) is to protect a car’s CV  joint from damages caused by road debris (as for example sand, stones, salt and water).

In addition, the grease placed in / kept by the CV-boot is vital for a correct lubrication of the CV joint gear.

Available as loose parts or as repair kits, Huntsman GOMET’s range of CV joint boots is among the widest ones on the market and covers nearly all European and many Asian applications.

Steering Gaiters

Steering gaiters (a.k.a. as bellows) protect the components of the steering rack thus maintaining key component integrity and ensuring dirt and grit free lubrication and so extending steering rack reliability and life.

Huntsman GOMET steering gaiters are characterised by high levels of elasticity combined with excellent wear resistance, utmost geometric precision and total compatibility to the original.

All steering gaiters produced by Huntsman GOMET are available as loose parts or as kits in plastic bag or carton box packaging.


The SASK's dust cover protects the vehicle's shock absorber piston rod from corrosion and against valve damage often due to stones, grit and salt.

Its bounce bumper provides optimum ride stability on frequent and elevated suspension movement.

Huntsman GOMET’s range of SASK covers both European and Asian vehicles and is among the widest ones on the market. 


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